Beyond the One-Off Prototype

Katerra engineers have the opportunity to design and continuously improve a dynamic set of products in the pursuit of ever better, faster, and cheaper solutions.  

By investing in research and development, Katerra is able design for scale and leverage robust data to inform consistent quality improvements.

Katerra pioneers new materials, develops innovative technology and creates strategic partnerships to drive the industry forward, continuously making improvements and streamlining building systems. 


Reviving the 'Master Builder'

On a typical building project, responsibilities for different engineering areas are siloed.

Design engineers focus on safety and compliance while construction engineers are tackling cost and constructability. Additionally, each of the distinct engineering disciplines have distinct goals, workflows and teams that further complicates the process. This divided approach reduces quality, adds complication and increases costs.

Katerra’s integrated model consolidates the engineering disciplines behind a single objective: better, faster, and cheaper buildings. We are cultivating a community of “master builders”, giving our engineers the opportunity to solve engineering problems in full view of the end-to-end constraints and opportunities.  



Engineering Process

Significant engineering effort goes toward performing repetitive calculations and design tasks. Katerra automates many of these rule-based tasks to streamline the path to deliverables. As a result, engineers execute projects more efficiently, improve quality and consistency, and save time and money that they can dedicate to refining and extending our product offerings. 

Katerra Engineering Expertise

  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Fire Protection
  • Envelope