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General Questions

  • What types of workers does Katerra Labor Management provide?

    We provide tradespeople of all skill levels to construction contractors.  From helpers and apprentices to licensed journeymen and even project superintendents and managers.

  • Are workers only for temporary purposes?

    No, we can assist you with all of your labor needs by providing permanent placements, temp-to-perm, and temporary employees for periods as short as 1 week to as long indefinitely.


  • How soon can I take a worker permanent?

    The permanent placement fee is based on a sliding scale of hours worked.

  • How do you find and qualify workers?

    We’re recruiting experts.  We’ve been recruiting construction workers for over 14 years and have a constantly growing database in excess of 300,000 workers.  We have a unique centralized qualification process that objectively helps insure workers have the skill set you’ve requested.

  • Do you have a worker guarantee?

    Yes.  We have an eight-hour guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the skill set of any worker within the first eight hours, let us know and those hours will be free of charge.

  • Does Katerra Labor Management provide PPE?

    We prequalify our employees to ensure that they have their own basic PPE.  Requirements beyond the basics are provided by the host employer.

  • Does the customer agreement obligate me to utilize Katerra Labor Management?

    No.  The agreement simply establishes an agreement of terms in the event that you choose to utilize Katerra Labor Management.

  • Is there a minimum term of service?

    No.  However, Katerra Labor Management is not a day labor company.  We pay weekly and it may be difficult for us to source a qualified worker for a project if the duration of the project is less than a week.  However, there is no obligation to keep a worker for any length of time.

  • Does Katerra Labor Management NTO all jobsites?

    Yes.  You protect your company by filing a Notice To Owner as does Katerra Labor Management.  We’d be happy to discuss if you have specific service requirements  or special circumstances with a project.

  • How quickly can I get workers on my project?

    Katerra Labor Management can provide workers in as soon as one day.  However, we recommend providing as much notice as possible so that we can coordinate start times of new projects with end time of existing ones and provide you with the best employee.

  • What does the bill rate include?

    Katerra Labor Management bills hourly depending on trade, skill level, and location.  The hourly rate includes all wages, workers compensation insurance, state and federal payroll taxes, administrative and onboarding expenses, and fringe benefits or per diems (if applicable).

  • Does Katerra Labor Management background check and drug screen?

    Katerra Labor Management can provide any screening your project requires including various background checks and/or five to 10 panel substance screening.

  • What are payment terms?

    We’ll send you an invoice each week for the total hours worked during the prior week.  The due date for payment on those invoices will be dependent on your company’s credit and could vary from weekly, to Net 30, 45, or 60.

  • How is time tracked?

    After workers have been dispatched, we’ll send you timesheet with active employees listed.  Simply complete the sheet each week and we’ll take care of the rest.

About Katerra

  • Who is Katerra?

    Katerra is a technology company optimizing the way we develop, design, and construct buildings. We are ushering in an era of design and construction that moves beyond compromise: Better, faster, cheaper – we believe you can have it all.

    Katerra Inc. is the parent company of Katerra Labor Management. Our recruiting and placement teams support Katerra job sites and factories, as well as serving the needs of many external clients.

    Visit Katerra.com to learn more.

  • What does Katerra do?

    Using the disciplines, processes, and hindsight of the extraordinary gains of the last several decades in electronics manufacturing, Katerra is putting modern technology to work at all levels of the construction industry. As an end-to-end partner for building services, Katerra offers our clients everything from supply labor staffing services to material sourcing to design, manufacturing, and construction, all for a growing number of building markets that includes residential, senior, workforce housing, educational, industrial, and retail developments.

    Learn more at http://katerra.com.